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The Soft Restraint Kit
Safe Holding System

We provide BTEC Level 3 Instruction in the safe use of Soft Restraint belt Systems. The training provides safe skills in easy to use Soft Restraint Belt (SRB) equipment that provides other alternatives to physical restraint interventions. Current emphasis on least restrictive approaches and practices means SRB use is an important step towards these least restrictive requirements. SRB can be used safely by:

  • Specialist Custody Services
  • Police
  • Specialist Health Care Providers
  • Security Personnel
  • Specialist (Low, Medium, and High Secure) Hospital Services

The SRB equipment is more flexible and adjustable than metal or leather options reducing the risk of injury. Combined SRB equipment provides better control of the person and minimises the risk of harm to themselves and others.

The course is provided in one day and presents the legal requirements that govern the use of SRB equipment, the techniques used to implement its use, and knowledge and standards of the equipment itself. We lead and encourage discussion to alleviate any uncertainty course students may have. In the practical section of the course, students will also have a chance to have this equipment fitted to them, if they wish, so they can experience the efficiency and comfortability of its use.

SRB equipment is provided by Safer-Handling Company, and has been tested to EN ISO 10535 standards and reviewed by the Home office’s leading medical expert.

Soft Restraint Kit
Soft Restraint Kit
Soft Restraint Kit