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Safety Pods

Information on the Safety Pods

The Safety Pod is designed to enhance the safety of physical interventions. The safety pods are manufactured by UK PODS LTD. These are handmade in the UK with independently tested and treated materials. UK PODS LTD are a family run business that take great pride in supplying their products to the UKs leading health care organisations.

The safety pods provide environmental support and safety therefore have improved services of vulnerable individuals of all ages and needs. UK PODS have provided this aid for health care professionals to provide the highest level of care and support in challenging situations.

Organisations that may use physical interventions, the safety pods are there to improve on this area of care. The product has gone through many rigorous tests and pilots, this includes a medical risk assessment by Dr Anthony Bleetman who is one of the governments preferred risk assessors.

UK PODS Limited has a clear aim to encourage good practice and end reliance on force, improving practice and services where ever possible. Having been medically reviewed the safety pods can be made for a host of clinical environments. They are already in use for NHS departments and private sectors for areas such as:

  • Mental Health Departments
  • General Nursing Departments
  • Eating Disordered
  • Elderly Care
  • Autistic and learning Disability services
  • Children’s services such as CAMHS and Educational Environments

The safety pods have also received interest to be introduced into prison services, custody suites and police departments.

UK Safety Pod Training

If you would like to know more or would like your organisation to have one of these then you can contact us.

Benefits of the Safety Pod:

  • Removes the risk of positional asphyxiation
  • Improvement in client care
  • Reduction in time and injury to service users
  • They are independently tested and treated materials
  • Positive outcome on staff who are involved in de-escalating situations
  • Cleaning- all of the safety pods have been tested with a wide range of cleaning products so can be cleaned using all of the current NHS approved cleaning solutions such as chlor-Clean, Haz-Tab, Milton and Tristel
  • The safest and toughest on the market, offering Safety Pods that reach up to CRIB7 high hazard area safety ratings