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This one-day course we provide has been delivered to schools across the country and has received positive feedback from the professionals who attended these courses.

The day will be broken down in to two parts for your staffing teams.

First part of this course

This will be a legal brief covering the legislation and guidance relevant to Education setting. This will provide staff with knowledge relating to the Use of Force, and the legal precedence and knowledge to safely manage violence and aggression in the work place.

We also cover the Health and safety implications that are present when physically intervening with children and young people. During this part of the training we discuss the need for dynamic risk assessments within the educational environment.

We then highlight unacceptable practices and techniques and cover the risk of positional asphyxiation and the importance of physical health monitoring during and after physical interventions. This again provides staff with a sound foundation to intervene in the best interests of the pupils under their supervision.

Second part of the course

This session supports training in physical skills interventions. During this session we will cover a range of techniques to support children and young people displaying challenging behaviour that may put others around them at risk. The techniques we use fit a whole range of behaviours and have been adapted for pupils of different sizes and cognition, and can be deployed in a variety of positions, such as; standing, kneeling and sitting.

The techniques we demonstrate and teach have been medically and lawfully assessed under the strict umbrella of The National Federation for Personal Safety, and we will provide you with this information for your records, should you wish.

The final part of the session covers team work. This enables staff to place themselves in an advantageous position to intervene safely when the need arises, and we also cover breakaway techniques for staff should the need arise, including lone working and need to move out of the situation to call for help.

Finally, we provide training to safely manage different levels of cognition and complex abilities within your student groups, including ASD. Following on from the provision of training, SSD Ltd will continue to provide you, and your team, on-going support in risk assessing, complex case work, and assessments for safe management.