5 Reasons why you're never to old to learn Self-Defence

5 Reasons why you're never to old to learn Self-Defence


Am I too old to learn Self-Defence? A question we get asked a lot.


‘Self-Defence is the ability to reduce your risk of vulnerability towards situations of conflict, physically maintain your safety using Reasonable Force, and support a rapid escape’ (SSD Ltd).


Here are 5 reasons why you’re never too old to learn Self- Defence.

If you are interested in learning Self-Defence, but you are afraid you’re too old. My answer to you is, age is simply a number. Believe in yourself, age shouldn’t define you and your ability. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in your early 20s or if you’re in your 60/70s, because at any age it is important to learn Self-Defence. The person who may attack you might not care about your age. They may not be thinking they are elderly; they just want to rob you. They may think you are vulnerable because of your age, easy pickings so to speak. We regularly hear of attacks on the elderly, and vulnerability to attack is the prime reason, but it doesn’t need to be this way.

Figures show that assaults on the elderly rose by 258% in the past 10 years to 26,474. Research also shows that you have a 50% chance of survival if you fight back, and you have an undue right to protect yourself within the lawful thresholds, so long as your actions are necessary and proportionate, therefore reasonable in the circumstance. If you know how your body and mind react under stress, then you know what is available to you in terms of countering the attack. So, here are 5 good reasons why you are never too old to learn Self-Defence:

Reason 1

Henry Ford once said, ‘Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young,’ so you are never too old. Everyone has the right to defend themselves, so learn to do this effectively. Learning self-defence knowledge and techniques is not difficult, and works with everyone’s learning and physical abilities.

Reason 2

Self-Defence is not all about physical techniques. Learning about the law in relation to the use of force, awareness of potential harmful situations, and how your body and mind reacts to stress, gives you the tools to manage a situation to the best of your ability. Let’s give an example; a young man uses a physical technique to make himself safe and get away, while an elderly woman in another part of town pushed an attacker to one side and quickly entered the shop beside her. The point is both survived the attack using different methods, but both made an immediate decision to action, and both were successful.

‘Self-defence is not just a set of techniques; it’s a state of mind, and it begins with the belief that you are worth defending.’ (Rorion Gracie)


Reason 3

You’re ability. ‘If you never try, you’ll never know what you are capable of’ (John Barrow). Mark Dawes, director for the National Federation for Personal Safety, spent thirty years perfecting effective self-defence techniques that everyone is capable of learning and using regardless of your ability. A woman in her seventies completed the same instructor’s course I did. She is a qualified self-defence instructor.


Reason 4

Develop your confidence. Develop your confidence to recognise situations of conflict, and how to minimise risks to yourself should conflict occur. Knowledge is definitely power, and knowing what you are capable of, increases your ability to keep yourself as safe as possible.

‘Confidence is preparation. Everything else is beyond your control’ (Richard Kline).


Reason 5

Improve you’re street awareness, being street smart. Your attacker is the one who plans the attack. You never plan to walk down the street to be attacked. So, taking up self-defence classes, or attending a course, will make you more aware of your surroundings. This is called situational awareness. Should a situation arise, self defence will give you the ability to be more aware and ready at all times. Learning these important life skills can have a positive impact on your life, boosting your spirit and your confidence in your day to day life.

‘The key to Self-Defence is to make you as safe possible, as quickly as possible, to escape the situation’ (SSD Ltd).


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