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Everyone has the power to create a happier, more fulfilling and stress-free life. Things will happen in our lives that we cannot predict or we can’t always change. Individuals can go though storms in their life leading them to create emotions, thinking negative thoughts. Everyone has a right to feel these however we do not want to stay in that place for long as this then will impact on our lives. So, training our thought process from negative thoughts into positive thoughts allows us to be optimistic, ensuring we become happier. There are many benefits to positive thinking.

If you would like to know more on how our minds work. Here is one of my favourite books.

Understanding Quantum Thinking 2nd Edition by Mark Dawes Here is a Link to purchase the book Here

What people are saying about this book.

“I highly recommend Understanding Quantum Thinking. I used it many times to reference at Uni. BRILLIANT if you’re interested in understanding how the mind really works and want to make the most of your thought processes. Really chuffed you’re adding to this already brilliant book Mark’

Lisa Roe

“Totally inspirational Mark’

Debbie Dwyer

“I first read Marks book in 2010, it changed my life and started my journey into NLP. I would recommend you buy this book’

Stuart Gregory Gavin

Be Positive

Top Tips in staying Positive

  1. Smile-you may enjoy it. A powerful tool you can have is to smile. Think of it like this… we smile because we feel happy however it can also go the other way we feel happy because we smile.
  2. Exercise- We all know exercise is good for you. Keeps you feeling healthy, makes us stronger. Exercise can also make us a happier person. Here is the reason why. Chemicals are released into the brain these are our happy chemicals called Dopamine.
  3. Read positive quotes- This can really help individuals daily motivation. On a daily basis I will read positive quotes or watch a short video.
  4. Be around people that love you and that make you happy. So, having people in your life that matter and that will praise and smile at your achievements. The people that love you will be their when you are going through hard times.
  5. Listening to happy music- I bet most of you like doing this. Your favourite song comes on the radio and we turn it up and sing at the top of our lungs. It makes us feel good.
  6. Meditate or try yoga.
  7. Use positive words when talking to other people. If you are finding it hard and experiencing difficulties when replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts, never give up. Keep looking for them good and happy thoughts. Focus on what makes you happy.
  8. Help people, this will make you feel good.
  9. Start your day in a positive way, this can be done by having an uplifting conversation with friends or family, listening or read-ing inspiring articles this can be done on the way to work on the bus or even while having your breakfast before work. This can make a big difference for how you whole day will go.
  10. Getting enough sleep and eating a healthy diet. Getting enough sleep will help with your physical and psychological state.