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My name is Derek Haslam. I am ex-military and I am a registered Mental Health Nurse, BSc (Hons). I have experience in different sectors of mental health over the past 9 years, including CAMHS, PICUs, LD Male Forensics, Secure Female Personality Disorder, and Adult Acute Services. I am a BTEC level 3 qualified instructor in Physical Intervention and disengagement (PMVA), Conflict Management, and Safe and Effective Use of Soft Restraint Equipment. I provide experience and knowledge regarding the Mental Health Act, DOLs, Capacity Act, and case studies, to enhance learning and understanding for course students. I advocate least restrictive practice and personnel safety for all involved.

Derek Haslam


My name is Sam Huskings. I have 8 years experience as a Health Care Assistant in Brain Injury and Complex Case work. For the past 5 years I have delivered training as a BTEC Level 3 instructor in Physical Intervention and disengagement (PMVA), and Conflict management. I instruct in the Safe and Effective Use of Soft Restraint Equipment, Risk Assessment training and Education, and Safeguarding and awareness. I am BTEC level 3 qualified and I hold an Advanced Award in Self-Defence, and I deliver courses as an instructor in, Self-defence, Close Quarter Combat training, and NFPS NLP Master Class training. I love doing what I do, teaching the skills to all that needs it.”

Sam Huskings